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Psalms 51:6


Look, 1  you desire 2  integrity in the inner man; 3  you want me to possess wisdom. 4 


Ge 20:5,6; 1Sa 16:7; 2Ki 20:3; 1Ch 29:17; 2Ch 31:20,21; Job 32:8; Job 38:36; Ps 5:9; Ps 26:2; Ps 125:4; Pr 2:21; Jer 5:3; Jer 31:33; Jer 32:40; Lu 11:39; Joh 4:23,24; Ro 7:22; 2Co 1:12; Jas 4:8; 1Pe 3:4

NET © Notes

sn The juxtaposition of two occurrences of “look” in vv. 5-6 draws attention to the sharp contrast between the sinful reality of the psalmist’s condition and the lofty ideal God has for him.

tn The perfect is used in a generalizing sense here.

tn Heb “in the covered [places],” i.e., in the inner man.

tn Heb “in the secret [place] wisdom you cause me to know.” The Hiphil verbal form is causative, while the imperfect is used in a modal sense to indicate God’s desire (note the parallel verb “desire”).

sn You want me to possess wisdom. Here “wisdom” does not mean “intelligence” or “learning,” but refers to moral insight and skill.

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