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NeXt Bible Tips... Below is a list of all TIPs/TRICKs #01, #02 #08, etc that will display one at a time at the bottom of each page. The Tip will change for each page view with the hope that it will assist the new user to learn how to use all the features built into the study system. Also listed below are the navigation tabs/boxes with short descriptions. This is intended to be a short summary sheet to help you better utilize the NEXT Generation NET Bible Web Interface and Study System. For further information, please feel free to suggest new TIPS or alternative descriptions that will help in making this study tool easy to use. See also the FAQ where we have additional documentation and tutorials in video.

#01: Welcome to the NEXT Bible Web Interface and Study System!!

Display Bible
Box: Select from the drop down menus the bible book and chapter
Universal Search
Box: see pop up when you mouse over the Box
#02: Try using wildcards "*" or "?" for b?tter wor* searches.
#03: Try using operators (AND, OR, NOT, ALL, ANY) to refine your search.
#04: Try using range (OT and NT) to better focus your searches.
#05: Try Double Clicking on any word for instant search.

Bible View has tabs on the top of the window to change the display in the main window display:
* NETBible tab -- The selected NET Bible Chapter e.g., John 1
   #06: On Bible View and Passage View, drag the yellow bar to adjust your screen.
* Discovery Box automatically launches a search of the site, for material that may be related to subject or search displayed in your main window
   #07: Use the Discovery Box to further explore word(s) and verse(s) by click on the links.
* KJV tab -- Displays the KJV with Strong's numbers (definitions will be displayed on demand).
* GRK-HEB (Greek-Hebrew) tab -- Displays the Bible Greek/Hebrew with Strong's numbers (definitions will be displayed on demand).

Passage View displays a Chapter or selected texts without the Discovery Box.
#06: On Bible View and Passage View, drag the yellow bar to adjust your screen.

#08: Use the Strong's Numbers links to learn about the original Hebrew and Greek text.
#09: Tell your friends ... become a ministry partner ... use the NET Bible on your site.
#10: Use 5 different Webmaster Tools to include NET Bible on your website.
#11: Use Fonts Page to download/install fonts if Greek or Hebrew texts look funny.
#12: Check out the NET Bible's unique Copyright, Permissions, and Philosophy of Ministry!
#13: Chapter View to explore chapters; Verse View for analyzing verses; Passage View for displaying list of verses.
#14: Use the Universal Search Box for either chapter, verse, references or word searches and Strong's numbers.
#15: To dig deeper, please read related articles at (via Articles Tab).
#16: To learn the History/Background of Bible books/chapters use the Discovery Box.
#17: Navigate the Study Dictionary with using word-wheel index or search box.
#18: Strengthen your daily devotional life with NET Bible Daily Reading Plan.
#19: Use the Study Dictionary to learn and to research all aspects of 20,000+ terms/words.
#20: Click the Audio icon (NT only) to listen to the NET Bible Audio New Testament.
#21: Learn more about NET Bible's NEXTBible Project at Mini Information Center.
#22: Check out the NET Bible's extras to learn the project History,Principles of Translation, and Copyright Innovations.
#23: Use the Download Page to copy the NET Bible to your desktop or favorite Bible Software.
#24: This site depends on your input, ideas, and participation! Click the button below.
#25: What tip would you like to see included here? Click "To report a problem/suggestion" on the bottom of page and tell us.
#26: To open links on Discovery Box in a new window, use the right click.
#27: Get rid of popup ... just cross over its boundary.

#- Print Preview... Clicking the Print Preview icon will produce a print and copy and paste friendly window of the page you are looking at. This will allow you to copy and paste to your studies or to print it (this function not available in the alpha release of the product).

#- Current problem with Copy and Paste from the window you are looking at... You should be able to just highlight text in your Passage and Verse View window and do a copy. However it behaves badly when you move over a footnote superscript. __The work around is to: first, find the verse. Next move your mouse to the immediate left of the verse reference number (1.1) and to the right of the left column navigation (1/4 inch space). Then left click and hold down mouse button and drag the mouse down highlighting the desired verses you want to copy, release button. Now do a normal "control C" to copy text to clipboard. (for Windows users)__

TIP #14: Use the Universal Search Box for either chapter, verse, references or word searches or Strong Numbers. [ALL]
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