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Ezekiel 16:43


“‘Because you did not remember the days of your youth and have enraged me with all these deeds, I hereby repay you for what you have done, 1  declares the sovereign Lord. Have you not engaged in prostitution on top of all your other abominable practices?


De 32:21; Ps 78:40; Ps 78:42; Ps 95:10; Ps 106:13; Isa 63:10; Jer 2:32; Eze 6:9; Eze 7:3,4,8,9; Eze 9:10; Eze 11:21; Eze 16:22; Eze 22:31; Am 2:13; Ac 7:51; Ro 2:8,9; Eph 4:30

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tn Heb “your way on (your) head I have placed.”

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