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Isaiah 61:10


I 1  will greatly rejoice 2  in the Lord; I will be overjoyed because of my God. 3  For he clothes me in garments of deliverance; he puts on me a robe symbolizing vindication. 4  I look like a bridegroom when he wears a turban as a priest would; I look like a bride when she puts on her jewelry. 5 


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sn The speaker in vv. 10-11 is not identified, but it is likely that the personified nation (or perhaps Zion) responds here to the Lord’s promise of restoration.

tn The infinitive absolute appears before the finite verb for emphasis.

tn Heb “my being is happy in my God”; NAB “in my God is the joy of my soul.”

tn Heb “robe of vindication”; KJV, NASB, NIV, NRSV “robe of righteousness.”

tn Heb “like a bridegroom [who] acts like a priest [by wearing] a turban, and like a bride [who] wears her jewelry.” The words “I look” are supplied for stylistic reasons and clarification.

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