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Isaiah 47:9


Both of these will come upon you suddenly, in one day! You will lose your children and be widowed. 1  You will be overwhelmed by these tragedies, 2  despite 3  your many incantations and your numerous amulets. 4 


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NET © Notes

tn Heb “loss of children and widowhood.” In the Hebrew text the phrase is in apposition to “both of these” in line 1.

tn Heb “according to their fullness, they will come upon you.”

tn For other examples of the preposition bet (בְּ) having the sense of “although, despite,” see BDB 90 s.v. III.7.

sn Reference is made to incantations and amulets, both of which were important in Mesopotamian religion. They were used to ward off danger and demons.

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