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Zephaniah 2:15


This is how the once-proud city will end up 1  – the city that was so secure. 2  She thought to herself, 3  “I am unique! No one can compare to me!” 4  What a heap of ruins she has become, a place where wild animals live! Everyone who passes by her taunts her 5  and shakes his fist. 6 


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NET © Notes

tn Heb “this is the proud city.”

tn Heb “the one that lived securely.”

tn Heb “the one who says in her heart.”

tn Heb “I [am], and besides me there is no other.”

tn Heb “hisses”; or “whistles.”

sn Hissing (or whistling) and shaking the fist were apparently ways of taunting a defeated foe or an object of derision in the culture of the time.

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