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Revelation 13:11


Then 1  I saw another beast 2  coming up from the earth. He 3  had two horns like a lamb, 4  but 5  was speaking like a dragon.


Da 7:8,24,25; Mt 7:15; Ro 16:18; 2Co 11:13-15; 2Th 2:4; Re 11:7; Re 12:3,4,17; Re 13:1; Re 13:17; Re 17:6; Re 17:8

NET © Notes

tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “then” to indicate the implied sequence within the narrative.

sn This second beast is identified in Rev 16:13 as “the false prophet.”

tn Grk “and it had,” a continuation of the preceding sentence. On the use of the pronoun “he” to refer to the second beast, see the note on the word “It” in 13:1.

tn Or perhaps, “like a ram.” Here L&N 4.25 states, “In the one context in the NT, namely, Re 13:11, in which ἀρνίον refers literally to a sheep, it is used in a phrase referring to the horns of an ἀρνίον. In such a context the reference is undoubtedly to a ‘ram,’ that is to say, the adult male of sheep.” In spite of this most translations render the word “lamb” here to maintain the connection between this false lamb and the true Lamb of the Book of Revelation, Jesus Christ.

tn Here καί (kai) has been translated as “but” to indicate the contrast present in this context.

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