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Psalms 84:7


They are sustained as they travel along; 1  each one appears 2  before God in Zion.


De 16:16; Job 17:9; Ps 43:3; Pr 4:18; Isa 40:31; Isa 46:13; Jer 31:6; Zec 14:16; Lu 2:24; Joh 6:39; Joh 14:3; Joh 15:2; 2Co 3:18; 1Th 4:17; 2Pe 3:18

NET © Notes

tn Heb “they go from strength to strength.” The phrase “from strength to strength” occurs only here in the OT. With a verb of motion, the expression “from [common noun] to [same common noun]” normally suggests movement from one point to another or through successive points (see Num 36:7; 1 Chr 16:20; 17:5; Ps 105:13; Jer 25:32). Ps 84:7 may be emphasizing that the pilgrims move successively from one “place of strength” to another as they travel toward Jerusalem. All along the way they find adequate provisions and renewed energy for the trip.

tn The psalmist returns to the singular (see v. 5a), which he uses in either a representative or distributive (“each one” ) sense.

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