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Psalms 37:28


For the Lord promotes 1  justice, and never abandons 2  his faithful followers. They are permanently secure, 3  but the children 4  of evil men are wiped out. 5 


Ex 20:5; Job 18:19; Job 27:14; Ps 11:7; Ps 21:10; Ps 37:25,40; Ps 45:6,7; Ps 92:13-15; Ps 99:4; Pr 2:22; Isa 14:20,21; Isa 30:18; Isa 59:21; Isa 61:8; Jer 9:24; Jer 32:40,41; Joh 5:24; Joh 6:39,40; Joh 10:28-30; Joh 15:9; 1Pe 1:5; 1Jo 2:19; Jude 1:1

NET © Notes

tn Heb “loves.” The verb “loves” is here metonymic; the Lord’s commitment to principles of justice causes him to actively promote these principles as he governs the world. The active participle describes characteristic behavior.

tn The imperfect verbal form draws attention to this generalizing statement.

tn Or “protected forever.”

tn Or “offspring”; Heb “seed.”

tn Or “cut off”; or “removed.” The perfect verbal forms in v. 28b state general truths.

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