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Proverbs 29:1


The one who stiffens his neck 1  after numerous rebukes 2  will suddenly be destroyed 3  without remedy. 4 


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tn The idiom “to harden the neck” (מַקְשֶׁה־עֹרֶף, maqsheh-oref) is the idea of resisting the rebukes and persisting in obstinacy (e.g., Exod 32:9). The opposite of a “stiff neck” would be the bending back, i.e., submission.

tn The Hebrew construction is אִישׁ תּוֹכָחוֹת (’ish tokhakhot, “a man of rebukes”), meaning “a man who has (or receives) many rebukes.” This describes a person who is deserving of punishment and who has been given many warnings. The text says, then, “a man of rebukes hardening himself.”

sn The stubborn person refuses to listen; he will suddenly be destroyed when the calamity strikes (e.g., Prov 6:15; 13:18; 15:10).

tn Or “healing” (NRSV).

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