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Philemon 1:7


I 1  have had great joy and encouragement because 2  of your love, for the hearts 3  of the saints have been refreshed through you, brother.


2Co 7:13; 1Th 1:3; 1Th 2:13,19; 1Th 3:9; 2Ti 1:16; Phm 1:20; 2Jo 1:4; 3Jo 1:3-6

NET © Notes

tn Here γάρ (gar) has not been translated because of differences between Greek and contemporary English style.

tn The Greek preposition ἐπί (epi) is understood here in a causal sense, i.e., “because.”

tn The word translated “hearts” here is σπλάγχνα (splancna). Literally the term refers to one’s “inward parts,” but it is commonly used figuratively for “heart” as the seat of the emotions. See BDAG 938 s.v. σπλάγχνον 2 (cf. Col 3:12, Phil 2:1).

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