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Job 31:8


then let me sow 1  and let another eat, and let my crops 2  be uprooted.


Le 26:16; De 28:30-33,38,51; Jud 6:3-6; Job 5:4; Job 5:5; Job 15:30; Job 18:19; Job 24:6; Ps 109:13; Mic 6:15

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tn The cohortative is often found in the apodosis of the conditional clause (see GKC 320 §108.f).

tn The word means “what sprouts up” (from יָצָא [yatsa’] with the sense of “sprout forth”). It could refer metaphorically to children (and so Kissane and Pope), as well as in its literal sense of crops. The latter fits here perfectly.

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