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Job 20:26


Total darkness waits to receive his treasures; 1  a fire which has not been kindled 2  will consume him and devour what is left in his tent.


Job 18:5,6; Job 18:19; Ps 21:9; Ps 109:9-15; Ps 120:4; Isa 8:22; Isa 14:20-22; Isa 30:33; Mt 3:12; Mt 8:12; Jude 1:13

NET © Notes

tn Heb “all darkness is hidden for his laid up things.” “All darkness” refers to the misfortunes and afflictions that await. The verb “hidden” means “is destined for.”

tn Heb “not blown upon,” i.e., not kindled by man. But G. R. Driver reads “unquenched” (“Hebrew notes on the ‘Wisdom of Jesus Ben Sirach’,” JBL 53 [1934]: 289).

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