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Isaiah 66:14


When you see this, you will be happy, 1  and you will be revived. 2  The Lord will reveal his power to his servants and his anger to his enemies. 3 


Ezr 7:9; Ezr 8:18,22,31; Pr 3:8; Pr 17:22; Isa 26:19; Isa 65:12-16; Isa 66:5; Eze 37:1-14; Ho 14:4-8; Zec 10:7; Mal 3:18; Joh 16:22; Heb 10:27

NET © Notes

tn “and you will see and your heart will be happy.”

tn Heb “and your bones like grass will sprout.”

tn Heb “and the hand of the Lord will be made known to his servants, and anger to his enemies.”

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