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Isaiah 30:1


“The rebellious 1  children are as good as dead,” 2  says the Lord, “those who make plans without consulting me, 3  who form alliances without consulting my Spirit, 4  and thereby compound their sin. 5 


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NET © Notes

tn Or “stubborn” (NCV); cf. NIV “obstinate.”

tn Heb “Woe [to] rebellious children.”

tn Heb “making a plan, but not from me.”

tn Heb “and pouring out a libation, but not [from] my spirit.” This translation assumes that the verb נָסַךְ (nasakh) means “pour out,” and that the cognate noun מַסֵּכָה (massekhah) means “libation.” In this case “pouring out a libation” alludes to a ceremony that formally ratifies an alliance. Another option is to understand the verb נָסַךְ as a homonym meaning “weave,” and the cognate noun מַסֵּכָה as a homonym meaning “covering.” In this case forming an alliance is likened to weaving a garment.

tn Heb “consequently adding sin to sin.”

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