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Amos 8:7


The Lord confirms this oath 1  by the arrogance of Jacob: 2  “I swear 3  I will never forget all you have done! 4 


Ex 17:16; De 33:26-29; 1Sa 15:2,3; Ps 10:11; Ps 47:4; Ps 68:34; Isa 43:25; Jer 17:1; Jer 31:34; Ho 7:2; Ho 8:13; Ho 9:9; Am 6:8; Lu 2:32

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tn Or “swears.”

sn In an oath one appeals to something permanent to emphasize one’s commitment to the promise. Here the Lord sarcastically swears by the arrogance of Jacob, which he earlier had condemned (6:8), something just as enduring as the Lord’s own life (see 6:8) or unchanging character (see 4:2). Other suggestions include that the Lord is swearing by the land, his most valuable possession (cf. Isa 4:2; Ps 47:4 [47:5 HT]); that this is a divine epithet analogous to “the Glory of Israel” (1 Sam 15:29); or that an ellipsis should be understood here, in which case the meaning is the same as that of 6:8 (“The Lord has sworn [by himself] against the arrogance of Jacob”).

tn The words “I swear” are not in the Hebrew text, but have been supplied in the translation because a self-imprecation is assumed in oaths of this type.

tn Or “I will never forget all your deeds.”

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