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Proverbs 3:17


Her ways are very pleasant, 1  and all her paths are peaceful.


Ps 19:10,11; Ps 25:10; Ps 37:11; Ps 63:3-5; Ps 112:1; Ps 119:14,47,103,174; Ps 119:165; Pr 2:10; Pr 22:18; Isa 26:3; Isa 57:19; Mt 11:28-30; Lu 1:79; Ro 5:1; Php 4:8,9

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tn Heb “her ways are ways of pleasantness” (so KJV, NRSV). The present translation contracts this expression for the sake of smoothness. The plural of דֶרֶךְ (derekh, “way”) is repeated for emphasis. The noun נֹעַם (noam, “pleasantness”) functions as an attributive genitive: “pleasant ways.”

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