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Proverbs 20:3


It is an honor for a person 1  to cease 2  from strife, but every fool quarrels. 3 


2Ki 14:9; Pr 14:17; Pr 14:29; Pr 16:32; Pr 17:14; Pr 18:6; Pr 19:11; Pr 21:24; Pr 25:8-10; Eph 1:6-8; Eph 4:32; Eph 5:1; Jas 3:14; Jas 4:1

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tn Heb “man.”

tn Heb “cessation” (שֶׁבֶת, shevet); NAB “to shun strife”; NRSV “refrain from strife.”

sn One cannot avoid conflict altogether; but the proverb is instructing that at the first sign of conflict the honorable thing to do is to find a way to end it.

tn Heb “breaks out.” The Hitpael of the verb גָּלַע (gala’, “to expose; to lay bare”) means “to break out; to disclose oneself,” and so the idea of flaring up in a quarrel is clear. But there are also cognate connections to the idea of “showing the teeth; snarling” and so quarreling viciously.

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