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Proverbs 19:12


A king’s wrath is like 1  the roar of a lion, 2  but his favor is like dew on the grass. 3 


2Sa 23:4; Es 7:8; Ps 72:6; Pr 16:14,15; Pr 20:2; Pr 28:15; Ec 8:4; Da 2:12,13; Da 3:19-23; Da 5:19; Da 6:24; Ho 14:5; Lu 12:4,5

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sn The verse contrasts the “rage” of the king with his “favor” by using two similes. The first simile presents the king at his most dangerous – his anger (e.g., 20:2; Amos 3:4). The second simile presents his favor as beneficial for life (e.g., 16:14-15; 28:15).

tn Heb “is a roaring like a lion.”

sn The proverb makes an observation about a king’s power to terrify or to refresh. It advises people to use tact with a king.

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