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Proverbs 14:14


The backslider 1  will be paid back 2  from his own ways, but a good person will be rewarded 3  for his.


Pr 1:31; Pr 1:32; Pr 12:14; Pr 14:10; Jer 2:19; Jer 8:5; Jer 17:5; Eze 22:31; Ho 4:16; Zep 1:6; Joh 4:14; 2Co 1:12; Ga 6:4,8; Heb 3:12; 2Pe 2:20-22

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tn Heb “a turning away of heart.” The genitive לֵב (lev, “heart”) functions as an attributive adjective: “a backslidden heart.” The term סוּג (sug) means “to move away; to move backwards; to depart; to backslide” (BDB 690 s.v. I סוּג). This individual is the one who backslides, that is, who departs from the path of righteousness.

tn Heb “will be filled”; cf. KJV, ASV. The verb (“to be filled, to be satisfied”) here means “to be repaid,” that is, to partake in his own evil ways. His faithlessness will come back to haunt him.

tn The phrase “will be rewarded” does not appear in the Hebrew but is supplied in the translation for the sake of clarity and smoothness.

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