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Proverbs 10:7


The memory 1  of the righteous is a blessing, but the reputation 2  of the wicked will rot. 3 


1Ki 11:36; 2Ki 19:34; 2Ch 24:16; Job 18:17; Job 27:23; Ps 9:5,6; Ps 109:13,15; Ps 112:6; Ec 8:10; Jer 17:13; Mr 14:9; Lu 1:48

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sn “Memory” (זֵכֶר, zekher) and “name” are often paired as synonyms. “Memory” in this sense has to do with reputation, fame. One’s reputation will be good or bad by righteousness or wickedness respectively.

tn Heb “name.” The term “name” often functions as a metonymy of association for reputation (BDB 1028 s.v. שֵׁם 2.b).

tn The editors of BHS suggest a reading “will be cursed” to make a better parallelism, but the reading of the MT is more striking as a metaphor.

sn To say the wicked’s name will rot means that the name will be obliterated from memory (Exod 17:14; Deut 25:19), leaving only a bad memory for a while.

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