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Matthew 6:21


For where your 1  treasure 2  is, there your heart will be also.


Pr 4:23; Isa 33:6; Jer 4:14; Jer 22:17; Mt 12:34; Lu 12:34; Ac 8:21; Ro 7:5-7; 2Co 4:18; Col 3:1-3; Phm 1:3,19; Heb 3:12

NET © Notes

tn The pronouns in this verse are singular while the pronouns in vv. 19-20 are plural. The change to singular emphasizes personal responsibility as opposed to corporate responsibility; even if others do not listen, the one who hears Jesus’ commands should obey.

sn Seeking heavenly treasure means serving others and honoring God by doing so.

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