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Luke 13:12


When 1  Jesus saw her, he called her to him 2  and said, “Woman, 3  you are freed 4  from your infirmity.” 5 


Ps 107:20; Isa 65:1; Joe 3:10; Mt 8:16; Lu 6:8-10; Lu 13:16

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tn The participle ἰδών (idwn) has been taken temporally. Here δέ (de) has not been translated.

tn The verb προσεφώνησεν (prosefwnhsen) has been translated as “called (her) to (him),” with the direct object (“her”) and the indirect object (“him”) both understood.

sn Woman was a polite form of address (see BDAG 208-9 s.v. γυνή), similar to “Madam” or “Ma’am” used in English in different regions.

tn Or “released.”

tn Or “sickness.”

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