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Leviticus 23:20


and the priest is to wave them – the two lambs 1  – along with the bread of the first fruits, as a wave offering before the Lord; they will be holy to the Lord for the priest.


Ex 29:24; Le 7:29,30; Le 7:31-34; Le 8:29; Le 10:14,15; Le 23:17; Nu 18:8-12; De 18:4; Lu 2:14; 1Co 9:11; Eph 2:14

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tn Smr and LXX have the Hebrew article on “lambs.” The syntax of this verse is difficult. The object of the verb (two lambs) is far removed from the verb itself (shall wave) in the MT, and the preposition עַל (’al, “upon”), rendered “along with” in this verse, is also added to the far removed subject (literally, “upon [the] two lambs”; see B. A. Levine, Leviticus [JPSTC], 159). It is clear, however, that the two lambs and the loaves (along with their associated grain and drink offerings) constituted the “wave offering,” which served as the prebend “for the priest.” Burnt and sin offerings (vv. 18-19a) were not included in this (see Lev 7:11-14, 28-36).

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