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Jeremiah 47:7


But how can it rest 1  when I, the Lord, have 2  given it orders? I have ordered it to attack the people of Ashkelon and the seacoast. 3 


1Sa 15:3; Isa 10:6; Isa 13:3; Isa 37:26; Isa 45:1-3; Isa 46:10,11; Eze 14:17; Eze 25:16; Am 3:6; Mic 6:9; Zep 2:6,7

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tn The reading here follows the Greek, Syriac, and Latin versions. The Hebrew text reads “how can you rest” as a continuation of the second person in v. 6.

tn Heb “When the Lord has.” The first person is again adopted because the Lord has been speaking.

tn Heb “Against Ashkelon and the sea coast, there he has appointed it.” For the switch to the first person see the preceding translator’s note. “There” is poetical and redundant and the idea of “attacking” is implicit in “against.”

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