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Jeremiah 2:34


Even your clothes are stained with the lifeblood of the poor who had not done anything wrong; you did not catch them breaking into your homes. 1  Yet, in spite of all these things you have done, 2 


2Ki 21:16; 2Ki 24:4; Ps 106:37,38; Isa 57:5; Isa 59:7; Jer 6:15; Jer 7:31; Jer 8:12; Jer 19:4; Eze 16:20,21; Eze 20:31; Eze 24:7

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tn The words “for example” are implicit and are supplied in the translation for clarification. This is only one example of why their death was not legitimate.

sn Killing a thief caught in the act of breaking and entering into a person’s home was pardonable under the law of Moses, cf. Exod 22:2.

tn KJV and ASV read this line with 2:34. The ASV makes little sense and the KJV again erroneously reads the archaic second person feminine singular perfect as first person common singular. All the modern English versions and commentaries take this line with 2:35.

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