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Jeremiah 17:12


Then I said, 1 Lord, from the very beginning you have been seated on your glorious throne on high. You are the place where we can find refuge.


2Ch 2:5,6; Ps 96:6; Ps 103:19; Isa 6:1; Isa 66:1; Jer 3:17; Jer 14:21; Eze 1:26; Eze 43:7; Mt 25:31; Heb 4:16; Heb 12:2; Re 3:21

NET © Notes

tn The words, “Then I said” are not in the text. They are supplied in the translation for clarity to show the shift in speaker.

sn The Lord is no longer threatening judgment but is being addressed. For a similar doxological interruption compare Jer 16:19-20.

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