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Isaiah 34:8


For the Lord has planned a day of revenge, 1  a time when he will repay Edom for her hostility toward Zion. 2 


De 32:35,41-43; Ps 94:1; Isa 26:21; Isa 35:4; Isa 49:26; Isa 59:17,18; Isa 61:2; Isa 63:4; Jer 46:10; Mic 6:1; Lu 18:7; Ro 2:5,8,9; 2Th 1:6-10; Re 6:10,11; Re 18:20; Re 19:2

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tn Heb “for a day of vengeance [is] for the Lord.”

tn Heb “a year of repayment for the strife of Zion.” The translation assumes that רִיב (riv) refers to Edom’s hostility toward Zion. Another option is to understand רִיב (riv) as referring to the Lord’s taking up Zion’s cause. In this case one might translate, “a time when he will repay Edom and vindicate Zion.”

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