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Deuteronomy 32:5


His people have been unfaithful 1  to him; they have not acted like his children 2  – this is their sin. 3  They are a perverse 4  and deceitful generation.


Ge 6:12; Ex 32:7; De 4:16; De 9:24; De 31:29; Jud 2:19; Ps 78:8; Isa 1:4; Ho 9:9; Zep 3:7; Mt 3:7; Mt 16:4; Mt 17:17; Lu 9:41; Joh 8:41; Ac 7:51; 2Co 11:3; Php 2:15

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tc The 3rd person masculine singular שָׁחַת (shakhat) is rendered as 3rd person masculine plural by Smr, a reading supported by the plural suffix on מוּם (mum, “defect”) as well as the plural of בֵּן (ben, “sons”).

tn Heb “have acted corruptly” (so NASB, NIV, NLT); NRSV “have dealt falsely.”

tn Heb “(they are) not his sons.”

tn Heb “defect” (so NASB). This highly elliptical line suggests that Israel’s major fault was its failure to act like God’s people; in fact, they acted quite the contrary.

tn Heb “twisted,” “crooked.” See Ps 18:26.

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