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2 Kings 23:25


No king before or after repented before the Lord as he did, with his whole heart, soul, and being in accordance with the whole law of Moses. 1 


De 4:29; De 6:5; 1Ki 2:4; 1Ki 8:48; 1Ki 15:5; 2Ki 18:5; 2Ki 23:3; Ne 10:29; Jer 29:13; Mal 4:4; Joh 1:17; Joh 7:19

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tn Heb “and like him there was not a king before him who returned to the Lord with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his being according to all the law of Moses, and after him none arose like him.”

sn The description of Josiah’s devotion as involving his whole “heart, soul, and being” echoes the language of Deut 6:5.

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