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HEBREW: 3609 balk Kil'ab
NAVE: Chileab Kileab
EBD: Chileab
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In Bible versions:

Kileab: NET NIV
son of David and Abigail


Strongs #03609: balk Kil'ab

Chileab = "like his father"

1) the 2nd son of David, by Abigail

3609 Kil'ab kil-awb'

apparently from 3607 and 1; restraint of (his) father; Kilab,
an Israelite:-Chileab.
see HEBREW for 03607
see HEBREW for 01

Chileab [EBD]

protected by the father, David's second son by Abigail (2 Sam. 3:3); called also Daniel (1 Chr. 3:1). He seems to have died when young.

Chileab [NAVE]

A Son of David, 2 Sam. 3:3.
Called Daniel, 1 Chr. 3:1.

Kileab [NAVE]

See: Chileab.


(like his father), a son of David by Abigail. [ABIGAIL]


CHILEAB - kil'-e-ab (kil'abh; Dalouia, "restraint of father"): A son of David, born to him at Hebron. His mother was Abigail, whom David married after the death of her husband Nabal, the Carmelite (2 Sam 3:3). In the corresponding account (1 Ch 3:1) he is called "Daniel," the meaning of which name ("God is my judge") points to its having been given in order to commemorate God's judgment upon Nabal (1 Sam 25:39; compare Gen 30:6). Some suppose that he bore both names, but the Septuagint reading here Dalouia (1 Ch Damniel), and the identity of the last three letters of the Hebrew word "Chileab" with the first three of the following word, seems to indicate that the text of Samuel is corrupt.

Horace J. Wolf

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