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HEBREW: 3638 dmlk Kilmad
NAVE: Chilmad Kilmad
EBD: Chilmad
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In Bible versions:

Kilmad: NET NIV
a region probably in the area of Media (ZD)

teaching or learning
Google Maps: Chilmad (36° 21´, 43° 9´)


Strongs #03638: dmlk Kilmad

Chilmad = "enclosure"

1) a city of Assyria mentioned in conjunction with Sheba and Asshur

3638 Kilmad kil-mawd'

of foreign derivation; Kilmad, a place apparently in the
Assyrian empire:-Chilmad.

Chilmad [EBD]

a place or country unknown which, along with Sheba and Asshur, traded with Tyre (Ezek. 27:23).

Chilmad [NAVE]

CHILMAD, merchants of, Ezek. 27:23.

Kilmad [NAVE]

See: Chilmad.


(enclosure), a place or country mentioned in conjunction with Sheba and Asshur. (Ezekiel 27:23)


CHILMAD - kil'-mad (kilmadh; Charman): A city or district mentioned after Sheba and Asshur as supplying merchandise to Tyre (Ezek 27:23). By changing "m" into "w" (common in Assytoprian-Babylonian) this has been compared with Kalwadha near Bagdad (G. Smith, Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, I, 61; Delitzsch, Paradies, 206), but the identification seems improbable. Though regarded as the name of a country in the Septuagint and the Vulgate (Jerome's Latin Bible, 390-405 A.D.) (Charman; Chelmad), there is some doubt whether this view of the word is correct. The Targum substitutes Madhai, "Media," and on this account Mez (Stadt Harran, 24) amends to Kol Madhai, "all Media." The absence of the copula "and" has caused others to further modify the vocalization, and by reading kelimmudh instead of Chilmad, the sense "Asshur was as the apprentice of thy trading" (Qimchi, Hitzig, Cornill) is obtained, but is not satisfactory. Probably both text and translation are susceptible of improvement.

T. G. Pinches

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