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HEBREW: 3592 Nwdyk Kiydown
NAVE: Chidon Kidon
EBD: Chidon
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In Bible versions:

Kidon: NET NIV
a place or person who had a threshing floor

a dart


Strongs #03592: Nwdyk Kiydown

Chidon = "javelin"

1) the owner or site of Uzziah's death for touching the ark

3592 Kiydown kee-dohn'

the same as 3591; Kidon, a place in Palestine: -Chidon.
see HEBREW for 03591

Chidon [EBD]

dart, the name of the threshing-floor at which the death of Uzzah took place (1 Chr. 13:9). In the parallel passage in Samuel (2 Sam. 6:6) it is called "Nachon's threshing-floor." It was a place not far north-west from Jerusalem.

Chief of the three - a title given to Adino the Eznite, one of David's greatest heroes (2 Sam. 23:8); also called Jashobeam (1 Chr. 11:11).

Chidon [NAVE]

Place where Uzza was stricken to death, 1 Chr. 13:9.
Called Nachon's threshing floor, 2 Sam. 6:6.

Kidon [NAVE]

See: Chidon.


(a javelin), the name which in (1 Chronicles 13:9) is given to the threshing-floor at which the accident to the ark took place. In the parallel account in 2Sam 6 the name is given as NACHON.

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