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SILENCE - si'-lens: Five Hebrew roots, with various derivatives, and two Greek words are thus translated. The word is used literally for dumbness, interrupted speech, as in Lam 2:10; Ps 32:3; Eccl 3:7; Am 5:13; Acts 15:12; 1 Cor 14:28; 1 Tim 2:11,12 the King James Version (the American Standard Revised Version "quietness"); Rev 8:1, or figuratively of the unanswered prayers of the believer (Ps 83:1; 35:22; Jer 8:14); of awe in the presence of the Divine Majesty (Isa 41:1; Zec 2:13), or of death (1 Sam 2:9; Ps 94:17; 115:17).

Also see definition of "Silence" in Word Study

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