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HEBREW: 5538 alo Cilla'
NAVE: Silla
EBD: Silla
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In Bible versions:

Silla: AVS TEV
a place near Jerusalem

Google Maps: Silla (31° 46´, 35° 14´)


Strongs #05538: alo Cilla'

Silla = "a highway"

1) the scene of the murder of king Joash of Judah; site unknown

5538 Cilla' sil-law'

from 5549; an embankment; Silla, a place in
see HEBREW for 05549

Silla [EBD]

a highway; a twig, only in 2 Kings 12:20. If taken as a proper name (as in the LXX. and other versions), the locality is unknown.

Silla [NAVE]

SILLA, a place of uncertain location, 2 Kin. 12:20.


(a highway). "The house of Millo which goeth down to Silla" was the scene of the murder of King Joash. (2 Kings 12:20) What or where Sills was is entirely matter of conjecture. Some have suggested the pool of Siloam.


SILLA - sil'-a (cilla'; Codex Vaticanus Galla; Codex Alexandrinus Gaallad): Joash was assassinated by his servants "at the house of Millo, on the way that goeth down to Silla" (2 Ki 12:20). Wherever Beth-millo stood, Silla was evidently in the valley below it; but nothing is known of what it was or where it stood.

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