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HEBREW: 5511 Nwxyo Ciychown or Nxyo Ciychon
NAVE: Sihon
EBD: Sihon
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In Bible versions:

the king of the Amorites in Moses time

rooting out; conclusion
Arts Topics: Defeating Sihon and Og


Strongs #05511: Nwxyo Ciychown or Nxyo Ciychon

Sihon = "warrior"

1) king of the Amorites at the time of the conquest and defeated by
Moses in Transjordan

5511 Ciychown see-khone'

or Ciychon {see-khone'}; from the same as 5477; tempestuous;
Sichon, an Amoritish king:-Sihon.
see HEBREW for 05477

Sihon [EBD]

striking down. The whole country on the east of Jordan, from the Arnon to the Jabbok, was possessed by the Amorites, whose king, Sihon, refused to permit the Israelites to pass through his territory, and put his army in array against them. The Israelites went forth against him to battle, and gained a complete victory. The Amorites were defeated; Sihon, his sons, and all his people were smitten with the sword, his walled towns were captured, and the entire country of the Amorites was taken possession of by the Israelites (Num. 21:21-30; Deut. 2:24-37).

The country from the Jabbok to Hermon was at this time ruled by Og, the last of the Rephaim. He also tried to prevent the progress of the Israelites, but was utterly routed, and all his cities and territory fell into the hands of the Israelites (comp. Num. 21:33-35; Deut. 3:1-14; Ps. 135: 10-12; 136:17-22).

These two victories gave the Israelites possession of the country on the east of Jordan, from the Arnon to the foot of Hermon. The kingdom of Sihon embraced about 1,500 square miles, while that of Og was more than 3,000 square miles.

Sihon [NAVE]

SIHON, king of the Amorites. His seat of government at Heshbon, Num. 21:26.
The proverbial chant celebrating the victory of Sihon over the Moabites, Num. 21:26-30.
Conquest of his kingdom by the Israelites, Num. 21:21-25; Deut. 2:24-37; 3:2, 6, 8.


(warrior) king of the Amorites when Israel arrived on the borders of the promised land. (Numbers 21:21) (B.C. 1451.) Shortly before the time of Israel?s arrival he had dispossessed the Moabites of a splendid territory, driving them south of the natural bulwark of the Amen. Ibid. (Numbers 21:26-29) When the Israelite host appeared, he did not hesitate or temporize like Balak, but at once gathered his people together and attacked them. But the battle was his last. He and all his host were destroyed, and their district from Amen to Jabbok became at once the possession of the conqueror.


SIHON - si'-hon (cichon): King of the Amorites, who vainly opposed Israel on their journey from Egypt to Palestine, and who is frequently mentioned in the historical books and in the Psalms because of his prominence and as a warning for those who rise against Yahweh and His people (Nu 21:21, and often; Dt 1:4; 31:4; Josh 2:10; Jdg 11:19,20,21; 1 Ki 4:19; Neh 9:22; Ps 135:11; 136:19; Jer 48:45).

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