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HEBREW: 7557 tqr Raqqath
NAVE: Rakkath
EBD: Rakkath
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In Bible versions:

a town of Naphtali on the west shore of Lake Galilee

empty; temple of the head
Google Maps: Rakkath (32° 47´, 35° 31´)


Strongs #07557: tqr Raqqath

Rakkath = "shore"

1) a fortified city in Naphtali

7557 Raqqath rak-kath'

from 7556 in its original sense of diffusing; a beach (as
expanded shingle); Rakkath, a place in Palestine:-Rakkath.
see HEBREW for 07556

Rakkath [EBD]

shore-town, a "fenced city" of the tribe of Naphtali (Josh. 19:35). The old name of Tiberias, according to the Rabbins.

Rakkath [NAVE]

RAKKATH, a city in Naphtali, Josh. 19:35.


(shore), a fortified city in the tribe of Naphtali. (Joshua 19:35) It was on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, not far from the warm baths of Tiberias.


RAKKATH - rak'-ath (raqqath; Codex Vaticanus Omathadaketh; Codex Alexandrinus Rhekkath): The Greek is obviously the result of confusing the two names Rakkath and Hammath, taking "r" in the former for "d". Rakkath was one of the fortified cities in Naphtali (Josh 19:35). It is named between Hammath and Chinnereth. Hammath is identified with the hot baths to the South of Tiberias. There are traces of ancient fortifications here. The rabbis think that Tiberias was built on the site of Rakkath. Certain it is that Herod's town was built upon an ancient site, the graves of the old inhabitants being disturbed in digging the new foundations (Neubauer, Geog. du Talmud, 208).

W. Ewing

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