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RAISE - raz: "To raise" in the Old Testament is most frequently the translation of the Hiphil form of qum, "to cause to arise," e.g. raising up seed (Gen 38:8), a prophet (Dt 18:18), judges (Jdg 2:16,18), etc.; also of `ur, "to awake," "stir up" (Ezr 1:5 the King James Version; Isa 41:2, etc.), with other words. In the New Testament the chief words are egeiro, "to awaken," "arouse" (Mt 3:9; Lk 1:69; 3:8, etc.), frequently of raising the dead; and anistemi (Mt 22:24; Jn 6:39, etc.; Acts 2:24 (30 the King James Version), etc.), with compounds of the former. Among the Revised Version (British and American) changes may be noted, "to stir the fire" for "from raising" (Hos 7:4); "raiseth high his gate" for "exalteth his gate" (Prov 17:19); the American Standard Revised Version, "can it be raised from the roots thereof" for "pluck it up by the roots thereof" (Ezek 17:9 the King James Version and the English Revised Version); "raised up" for "rise again" (Mt 20:19; compare Mt 26:32; Rom 8:34; Col 3:1).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Raise" in Word Study

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