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Zechariah 10:11


The Lord 1  will cross the sea of storms and will calm its turbulence. The depths of the Nile will dry up, the pride of Assyria will be humbled, and the domination 2  of Egypt will be no more.


Ex 14:21,22,27,28; Jos 3:15-17; 2Ki 2:8,14; Ezr 6:22; Ps 66:10-12; Ps 77:16-20; Ps 114:3,5; Isa 11:15,16; Isa 11:15; Isa 14:25; Isa 42:15,16; Isa 43:2; Eze 29:14-16; Eze 30:13; Mic 5:5,6; Re 16:12

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tn Heb “he,” in which case the referent is the Lord. This reading is followed by KJV, ASV, NAB (which renders it as first person), and NASB. The LXX reads “they,” referring to the Israelites themselves, a reading followed by many modern English versions (e.g., NIV, NRSV, TEV, NLT).

tn Heb “scepter,” referring by metonymy to the dominating rule of Egypt (cf. NLT).

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