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Revelation 22:11


The evildoer must continue to do evil, 1  and the one who is morally filthy 2  must continue to be filthy. The 3  one who is righteous must continue to act righteously, and the one who is holy must continue to be holy.”


Job 17:9; Ps 81:12; Pr 1:24-33; Pr 4:18; Pr 14:32; Ec 11:3; Eze 3:27; Da 12:10; Mt 5:6; Mt 15:14; Mt 21:19; Mt 25:10; Joh 8:21; Eph 5:27; Col 1:22; 2Ti 3:13; Jude 1:24; Re 7:13-15; Re 16:8-11,21; Re 22:3

NET © Notes

tn Grk “must do evil still.”

tn For this translation see L&N 88.258; the term refers to living in moral filth.

tn Grk “filthy, and the.” This is a continuation of the previous sentence in Greek, but because of the length and complexity of the construction a new sentence was started in the translation.

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