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Psalms 6:4


Relent, Lord, rescue me! 1  Deliver me because of your faithfulness! 2 


Ps 17:13; Ps 22:20; Ps 25:7; Ps 69:13; Ps 79:8,9; Ps 80:14; Ps 86:13; Ps 90:13; Ps 116:4,8; Ps 120:2; Ps 121:7; Isa 38:17; Da 9:18; Mal 3:7; Eph 1:6; Eph 2:7,8

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tn Heb “my being,” or “my life.” The suffixed form of נֶפֶשׁ (nefesh, “being”) is often equivalent to a pronoun in poetic texts.

sn Deliver me because of your faithfulness. Though the psalmist is experiencing divine discipline, he realizes that God has made a commitment to him in the past, so he appeals to God’s faithfulness in his request for help.

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