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Psalms 54:7


Surely 1  he rescues me from all trouble, 2  and I triumph over my enemies. 3 


Ge 48:16; 1Sa 26:24; 2Sa 4:9; Ps 34:19; Ps 37:34; Ps 58:10,11; Ps 59:10; Ps 91:8; Ps 92:11; Ps 112:8; 2Ti 4:18

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tn Or “for,” indicating a more specific reason why he will praise the Lord’s name (cf. v. 6).

tn The perfects in v. 7 are probably rhetorical, indicating the psalmist’s certitude and confidence that God will intervene. The psalmist is so confident of God’s positive response to his prayer, he can describe God’s deliverance and his own vindication as if they were occurring or had already occurred.

tn Heb “and on my enemies my eyes look.”

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