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Psalms 20:7


Some trust in chariots and others in horses, 1  but we 2  depend on 3  the Lord our God.


1Sa 13:5; 2Sa 8:4; 2Sa 10:18; 2Ch 13:10-12,16; 2Ch 14:11; 2Ch 20:12-20; 2Ch 32:8; Ps 33:16,17; Ps 45:17; Pr 21:31; Isa 30:16; Isa 31:1; Jer 17:5

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tn Heb “these in chariots and these in horses.” No verb appears; perhaps the verb “invoke” is to be supplied from the following line. In this case the idea would be that some “invoke” (i.e., trust in) their military might for victory (cf. NEB “boast”; NIV “trust”; NRSV “take pride”). Verse 8 suggests that the “some/others” mentioned here are the nation’s enemies.

tn The grammatical construction (conjunction + pronominal subject) highlights the contrast between God’s faithful people and the others mentioned in the previous line.

tn Heb “we invoke the name of.” The Hiphil of זָכַר (zakhar), when combined with the phrase “in the name,” means “to invoke” (see Josh 23:7; Isa 48:1; Amos 6:10). By invoking the Lord’s name in prayer, the people demonstrate their trust in him.

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