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Psalms 139:3


You carefully observe me when I travel or when I lie down to rest; 1  you are aware of everything I do. 2 


Ge 28:10-17; 2Sa 8:14; 2Sa 11:2-5,27; 2Sa 12:9-12; Job 13:26,27; Job 14:16,17; Job 31:4; Ps 121:3-8; Ps 139:18; Pr 5:20,21; Ec 12:14; Isa 29:15; Jer 23:24; Mt 3:12; Joh 6:70,71; Joh 13:2,21; Ac 5:3,4

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tn Heb “my traveling and my lying down you measure.” The verb זָרָה (zarah, “to measure”) is probably here a denominative from זָרָת (zarat, “a span; a measure”), though some derive it from זָרָה (zarat, “to winnow; to sift”; see BDB 279-80 s.v. זָרָה).

tn Heb “all my ways.”

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