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Psalms 107:40


He would pour 1  contempt upon princes, and he made them wander in a wasteland with no road.


Ex 8:3,17,24; Jos 10:24-26; Jud 1:6,7; Jud 4:21; 1Sa 5:9; 1Sa 6:4; 1Ki 21:19; 2Ki 9:35-37; Job 12:21,24; Job 12:24; Ps 78:66; Ps 107:4; Isa 23:8,9; Jer 13:15-18; Da 4:33; Da 5:5,6,18-30; Ac 12:23; Re 19:18

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tn The active participle is understood as past durative here, drawing attention to typical action in a past time frame. However, it could be taken as generalizing (in which case one should translate using the English present tense), in which case the psalmist moves from narrative to present reality. Perhaps the participial form appears because the statement is lifted from Job 12:21.

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