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Psalms 105:40


They asked for food, 1  and he sent quails; he satisfied them with food from the sky. 2 


Ex 16:12,13; Ex 16:14-35; Nu 11:4-6,31-33; Nu 11:7-9; De 8:3; Jos 5:12; Ne 9:20; Ps 78:18,26-28; Ps 78:23-25; Joh 6:31-33,48-58

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tn Heb “he [i.e., his people] asked.” The singular form should probably be emended to a plural שָׁאֲלוּ (shaalu, “they asked”), the vav (ו) having fallen off by haplography (note the vav at the beginning of the following form).

tn Or “bread of heaven.” The reference is to manna (see Exod 16:4, 13-15).

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