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Proverbs 5:11


And at the end of your life 1  you will groan 2  when your flesh and your body are wasted away. 3 


Nu 5:27; De 32:29; Pr 7:23; Jer 5:31; Ro 6:21; 1Co 5:4,5; Heb 13:4; Re 21:8; Re 22:15

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tn Heb “at your end.”

tn The form is the perfect tense with the vav consecutive; it is equal to a specific future within this context.

sn The verb means “to growl, groan.” It refers to a lion when it devours its prey, and to a sufferer in pain or remorse (e.g., Ezek 24:23).

tn Heb “in the finishing of your flesh and your body.” The construction uses the Qal infinitive construct of כָּלָה (calah) in a temporal clause; the verb means “be complete, at an end, finished, spent.”

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