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Proverbs 31:17


She begins 1  her work vigorously, and she strengthens 2  her arms.


Ge 49:24; 1Ki 18:46; 2Ki 4:29; Job 38:3; Isa 44:12; Ho 7:15; Lu 12:35; Eph 6:10,14; 1Pe 1:13

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tn The first word of the eighth line begins with ח (khet), the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

tn Heb “she girds her loins with strength.” The idea is that of gathering up the long robes with a sash or belt so that they do not get in the way of the work. The point of the figure is readiness for work. But to say she girds herself with “strength” means that she begins vigorously. “Strength” here would be a comparison with the sash.

sn The expression “she makes her arm strong” parallels the first half of the verse and indicates that she gets down to her work with vigor and strength. There may be some indication here of “rolling up the sleeves” to ready the arms for the task, but that is not clear.

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