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Proverbs 12:7


The wicked are overthrown 1  and perish, 2  but the righteous household 3  will stand.


2Sa 7:16,26; Es 9:6-10,14; Job 5:3,4; Job 11:20; Job 18:15-20; Job 27:18-23; Ps 37:10,35-37; Ps 73:18,19; Pr 11:21; Pr 14:1; Pr 14:11; Pr 15:25; Pr 24:3,4; Mt 7:24-27

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sn This proverb is about the stability of the righteous in times of trouble. The term “overthrown” might allude to Gen 19:21.

tn Heb “and they are not.”

tn Heb “the house of the righteous.” The genitive צַדִּיקִים (tsadiqim) functions as an attributive adjective: “righteous house.” The noun בֵּית (bet, “house”) functions as a synecdoche of container (= house) for the contents (= family, household; perhaps household possessions). Cf. NCV “a good person’s family”; NLT “the children of the godly.”

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