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Numbers 8:24


“This is what pertains to the Levites: 1  At the age of twenty-five years 2  and upward one may begin to join the company 3  in the work of the tent of meeting,


Nu 4:3,23; 1Ch 23:3,24-27; 1Ch 28:12,13; 1Co 9:7; 2Co 10:4; 1Ti 1:18; 1Ti 6:12; 2Ti 2:3-5

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tn The Hebrew text has “this [is that] which [pertains] to the Levites.” “This is what concerns the Levites, meaning, the following rulings are for them.

tc The age of twenty-five indicated in v. 24 should be compared with the age of thirty indicated in Num 4:3,23,30. In order to harmonize the numbers given in chapter 4 with the number given in Num 8:24 the LXX (and perhaps its Hebrew Vorlage) has thirty in all of these references. See further G. J. Wenham, Numbers (TOTC 4), 97-98.

tn The infinitive is לִצְבֹא (litsvo’), related to the word for “host, army, company,” and so “to serve as a company.” The meaning is strengthened by the cognate accusative following it.

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